Video- Soledad O'Brien Spars With Coot Sununu Over "Act of Terror" On LIbya


I love the way they're bogging themselves down in this, no one gives a crap and they sound desperate. Puts a smile on my face seeing Sununu turn that color...

  • Luke O'Malley

    Soledad is trying to cloud the issue further. Intelligence watched the attack on video, they knew it was a Terrorist Attack (that night). A few weeks out of an election the White House panicked and attempted to stall the real facts coming out. Yes, Romney got caught up in confusion over the general mention by Obama of "acts of terrorism." But Obama never called this assault on our embassy a Terrorist Attack (until several weeks later). He repeatedly apologized and attacked our freedom of speech and a little known film. Publicizing it, increasing its viewership. Soledad knows this full well. The president has been universally criticized and even accused of a cover-up. She should be ashamed as a journalist.

  • David G

    The only one in this video who's "out of your mind" is Sanunu.  Last night I heard the disruptive sound of  wind -- and that was when Romney spoke and the truth went rushing out the door. DG