VIDEO: Former supporter, Sensata worker speaks out on Romney: "He's a bald-faced liar."


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To refresh your memory, the Bain-owned company, Sensata, is outsourcing Illinois jobs to China; employees want Mitt Romney to intervene. The soon-to-be-ex-workers have been forced to train their own Chinese replacements. Their jobs are being shipped to China in November.

America first! Go Mitt!

Sensata worker Mary Jo Kerr:

"Once it closes, it's devastating for the whole entire town. Everybody's just walking around slumped over not knowing what they're gonna do."

"[I thought Romney's] gonna create American jobs. He says that's what he's gonna do... And when I found out that he owned Bain Capital and Bain Capital owned Sensata and they were shipping our jobs to China, I was furious."

"He's a bald-faced liar. I mean, he's going out there saying I'm gonna create American jobs when, no he's not. He's profiting off of jobs going overseas."

"Having to train somebody [Chinese workers] to take your job and you don't have any control over it, it was probably the hardest thing I had to do."

Thanks to Ed Schultz for staying on this story.

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  • It's sad that it takes getting laid off to understand that this is what Mitt Romney does. Bain Capital is simply doing with Sensata what it's always done: make money. That has always been its purpose, not to create jobs. Mitt made himself and his cronies obscenely wealthy by destroying companies and outsourcing jobs. (And the jobs Bain "created," like at Staples, generally have been part-time, minimum wage.)

    Give Romney the keys to the White House and he'll continue to do that at a much larger scale. George W. Bush drove the economy into the ground. Do you really want to give that another try? 

  • We all know he's a liar... it's getting EVERYONE in the electorate to understand it.