VIDEO-- Rudy Giuliani: Romney "should be exploiting" Libya tragedy for political gain


Mitt Romney and his GOP gang have been going after President Obama for not providing enough security in Libya, and now Rudy Giuliani is accusing the administration of intentionally delaying investigations until the election is over, trying to "run out the clock" and “cover up."

Christopher Stevens’ dad has said that the Libyan ambassador’s death should not be politicized. But that won't stop Republicans from using the Benghazi attack for political gain, exploiting the tragic deaths in order to get a few more votes.

If President Obama and his surrogates pulled something as shameless as this, imagine the 24/7 outcry.

Here's what Rudy Giuliani said on CNN, via Think Progress:

Rudy's sensitive little feathers got ruffled and he accused Soledad O'Brien of being biased toward Democrats when she tried to get him to back up his accusations. How dare she?!


"The one thing I’m debating with you is just specifics. When you quote someone or you paraphrase them the only thing I ask is that you get that accurate. That’s all I ask..."


"We’re also entitled to interpret what the president is saying without this, like, massive defense of everything he says."

"Excuse me if being the fact that I’m a Republican, I don’t give them as you do, all the benefit of the doubt."

And here's what Rudy said on Fox:


Bill Hemmer:

"David Axelrod made the claim Mitt Romney is doing his best to exploit this. Is there argument to be made there? How was this handled on Tuesday night?"


"Well he should be exploiting it. I mean, the fact is, there is real chance, there is a cover-up here."

Here's what Joe Biden said about Rudy Giuliani repeatedly politicizing terrorist acts back in 2007:

Keep the truth and those smiles coming, Joe.


Channeling NPR here:

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