Video- Fox's Ablow: "Speaking As A Psychiatrist," Biden May Be Suffering From Dementia, May Have Been Drinking Before Debate


Imagine the outrage if anyone had said something like this about Cheney. Via.

  • Fox’s Ablow: “Speaking As A Psychiatrist,” Biden May Be Suffering From Dementia, May Have Been Drinking Before Debate

    There's just one problem with that diagnosis, Dr. Ablowme:  the Vice President does not drink . . .

      Senator Biden does not drink at all, and he is frank about the reason.
    “There are enough alcoholics in my family,” he said last month as he
    sipped cranberry juice on a train ride from Washington to Wilmington.

  • Obviously this twit has never had the pleasure of living 24/7 with a person suffering the effects of dimentia, we have, twice with aging moms. Where did this clown learn his diagnostic skills, watching the Terri Schaivo debate on congress? Hey dumbass, go Dick Cheney yourself.

  • he's a republican

  • bpollen

    Put him in a turtle-neck and he would look like the unethical lying dickhead that he really is.  Anybody who would go to him for therapy NEEDS a shrink... 

  • Being a professional with more years of experience than ABlow, hubs has railed against him several times.  Kinda can't wait to see his professional assessment of this commentary...

  • Older_Wiser2

    For chrissakes, does this fraud even have a license to practice?  Better name:  Keith Blowhard.

  • Well, then.....what does he have to say about Romney's psychotic behavior, with touches of narcism, delusions of grandeur , pathological lying.....and general distasteful personality?