David Gregory opens Meet the Press by calling V.P. Biden's debate performance "over-the-top"


Facts matter, but apparently not to the Sunday political talk shows. Here's an excerpt from my Not Ready for Prime Time Paul Ryan’s hypocritical “malarkey” dissected. Pay attention, America post:

According to the breathless news dee jays on cable TV, President Obama’s in deep doo-doo because he had one bad night, and Willard M. Romney is blithely and aggressively lying his way to a possible win in November. But it’s going to be a close election, see. Razor thin close, they report. Ultra super duper close, they warn. Scary close, they caution. And there’s a whole lot of voter suppression going on out there helping Romney dishonest little jaunt along.

How… not at all encouraging. But, hey, that’s not important now. What is important are the networks’ ratings, and nothing increases those more than a narrative about a neck-and-neck presidential race.

Here's how David Gregory started Meet the Press today:

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"Just look at those polls."

"...Saturday Night Live had some fun with the vice president's over-the-top performance."

And if I remember correctly, on ABC's "This Week," I heard more about (paraphrasing here) how about the vice presidential debate was a tie substantively, but stylistically Biden blew it. But even if I'm not remembering precisely what the host said in his intro, I was disgusted enough by the tone in both broadcasts to quickly switch back to the Melissa Harris Perry Show on MSNBC to escape from the frustrating depiction by major networks about what took place that night.

They must have forgotten about all of this:

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Ever since the Big Veep Debate, I've heard nothing but criticism of Joe Biden because he smiled a lot, because he interrupted, because he was assertive. Did these same critics watch Mitt Romney stomp all over the presidential debate, assert himself, interrupt repeatedly? Because as I recall, he got accolades from the very same people who are mocking Biden.

But more important than that, where is the discussion of what was said instead of how? As you can see in the Maddow video, Paul Ryan's credibility and many of his answers were inadequate at best. That is what matters. That is what should be dissected. That content is what will affect our lives once the election is over.

If the media would stop worrying about the next Nielsen rating and start dignifying their reporting with honest accounts of what actually took place, then maybe voters would be more informed, and democracy would be better served.


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