VIDEO, PhotOH! Paul Ryan's pattern of hypocrisy: His stimulus funding story makes front pages of most WI papers


Welcome to the Paul Ryan Hypocrisy Visual post o' the day. Videos and screen grabs galore!

The screenshots below from the Newseum show a few front pages from Wisconsin newpapers that highlight Paul Ryan's hypocrisy on his lobbying for the same stimulus funds from President Obama's economic recovery plan that he claimed to reject. Enjoy, and tell a friend!

  • bsweezy

    mini mitt being exposed

  • No wonder Willard picked him -- Ryan's as big a flip-flopper as he is . . .


  • Great to see #lyingRyan hypocrisy sprawled across the papers on WI. Thanks for the post. 

  • Gee, one might think Mr. Ryan is a bit of a hypocrite (I think I may have understated this, a bit).