Paul Ryan barred reporters from his convo with homeless in Ohio, and washed dishes "that did not appear to be dirty"


So there Paul Ryan was, photo op-ing his little brains out at a soup kitchen in Youngstown, Ohio, but dang if he didn't get there a little late. The food had been served, the place was empty, and volunteers had cleaned up. Timing is everything.

But that wouldn't stop Ryan from doing his best to appear human and pretend to have an exchange with the homeless. Of course, none of us will ever know what he said to them, or they to him.

You see, when he talked to some men "who appeared to be homeless," reporters were barred from listening in. How's that for transparency?

A campaign aide said that the exchange was not open to press because it was an impromptu conversation.

Tsk tsk, those impromptu convos don't seem to benefit (see beginning of video at that link) Team Romney-Ryan, now do they? Mustn't allow the press to eavesdrop on actual unscripted dialog, because one never knows what will fly out of one's mouth when the mics are on, does one?


Ryan, his wife and their young children headed to the kitchen, donned white aprons and offered to clean up some dishes.

Ryan stood at the sink and took some large metal pans that did not appear to be dirty, soaped them up and rinsed them, remarking as the cameras clicked and the TV cameras rolled that he had spent a summer washing dishes when he was younger.

So he fake-helped the homeless, fake-engaged them, and then fake-helped them clean up.

Romney and Ryan wouldn't know reality if it hit them over their well-coiffed heads. They couldn't be more out of touch if they tried.

UPDATE: Charity president on Paul Ryan soup kitchen photo op: “Did not have permission. He did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture taken.”


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