Bruce Springsteen will join Bill Clinton at Obama event in Ohio


Mitt Romney gets busted for using artists' work without permission. President Obama, not so much.

Mitt Romney attempts an off key rendition of "America the Beautiful". President Obama croons "Lets Stay Together."

Mitt Romney has Kid Rock. President Obama has Bruce Springsteen.

Via The Hill:

Bruce Springsteen, whose music has been the soundtrack for President Obama’s campaign rallies, will join former President Bill Clinton at a pro-Obama event in the battleground state of Ohio next Thursday. [...] It will be a free, public event, the campaign said. [...]

Springsteen’s music has long explored the lives and struggles of workers, and his career has intersected with politics several times.

Mitt Romney represents the 1%. President Obama, the 47%/99%.

As Vice President Biden asked at the debate, "Who do you trust...?"