Video- Mike Huckabee Calls Biden 'An Obnoxious Drunk'


Old Huck has to try and stay relevant it seems. Via Think Progress.

  • cognachas4paws

    They're just upset because Boy Wonder got taken to the woodshed (as my Dad would've said) during the debate and they can't handle it - so they're making this outrageous accusation.

  • Mike Huckabee Calls Biden ‘An Obnoxious Drunk’

    Really, Huck?

    What do you call a sitting US president who downs a pisco sour at an international conference?

  • David G

    Give fanatics and morons a pulpit and what do you expect to hear from them.  Joe's gaff prone, but never have I heard of him being a drunk.  Maybe Huck, who used to be a whale of a guy is now just a whale, should take a deeper look at himself before he lets his mouth become nothing more than his flippers. DG