Video- Soledad O'Brien Pins Rep. Chaffetz Down On Vote To Cut Libyan Embassy Security Funds


Not even the least bit ashamed of the hypocrisy and bull shit. Now off to the hearings to play Election Year Politics Bingo!! Via.

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  •  lol rethug hypocrits.  Darrell Issa & the gang have no credibility.   Their Solyndra & Gun Walking expose found nothing.  Issa once said he wanted an investigation a week.
    pathetics d-bags.

  • r_dale

    Chaffetz is yet another embarrassment from the state of Utah.  He's a partisan political hack who's now latched onto Rmoney's coattails in the hope of getting some bone from the rich man's table if he--and the gods help us, no!--wins the Presidency.

  • David G

    I have to say that recently Soledad seems to be the only talking head to be asking the tough questions AND not accepting the cheap easy answers which tend to be lies or even worse -- the proof of stupidity and incompetence in those we've elected.  Man, it's refreshing to see her grill someone.  Now where's the rest of the "press corps?  DG