VIDEO: Paul Ryan Walks Out On Local Reporter For Pressing Him On Taxes


Look who was on WJRT news in Flint, Michigan: Candidate I Don't Wanna Talk About Tax Plans. You remember him, right? He's the same guy who said explaining the Romney-Ryan tax cuts would take too much time.

So what does he do instead? Why, he goes right into default toddler mode, stomps his wittle footy, turns on his wittle heel, takes his wittle toys, and goes home.

As a friend of mine just said, "His thick skin will no doubt help him in the debate."

By the way, did you notice Ryan's comment at about :08?

"I don't even think President Obama is proposing more gun laws."

Isn't that what Dems have been saying for years? Thank you, Paul. You'll be hearing from the NRA soon, and we fully expect you to Etch A Sketch that moment away.


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  • Progressive_Paul

    It seemed like Ryan's handlers cut off the interview after the tax cut question came up. Frankly, the reporter came across like he has an axe to grind with Ryan. I see where he was going. Ryan was stating that it is the responsibility of church groups and civic organizations to build character in people so that crime would decrease. Government has a role in that as well. More and better police officers, public school teachers, fire fighters as well as better access to health care are ways to help people lead better lives.

    However, that seemingly is not the republican plan. Their tax plan remains unexplained. What loopholes and deductions will be ended? Their claim to cut rates but not revenue is based an an assumed increase in earnings brought on cuts...? SMH.

  • As Ayn Rand might say, "Man-up, Congressman. If you believe in something, defend it, don't tuck-tail and run." Romney-Ryan: Cowards R Us.

  • If he wants innocuous questions that gives him the opportunity to regurgitate GOP talking points, he should go to Fox "News". ¬†

    Good for this reporter for asking the hard questions.  Seeing as that Ryan is running to be vice-president of the United States of America, NO questions should be off limits and to walk off in the middle of an interview like he did speaks volumes about his character and leadership abilities.