Obama, Democrats raise $181M combined in September


Hmm, makes you wonder why the Wingers think Mittens is doing so well with his sudden "surge" in fundraising.

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's campaign and Democrats have raised $181 million combined in September, pulling in the most money in one month during his re-election bid.

Obama's fundraising haul topped the more than $114 million raised by his campaign and Democrats during the month of August. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign and Republicans have not yet reported September fundraising totals.

Obama says in a message on Twitter, the online social network, that more than 1.8 million people donated in September, including more than a half-million who had not donated before in 2008 or 2012.

  • deeart7

    Obama does NOT practice Christianity but opposes it at every corner when implementing new regulations. Obama stands firmly on the DEMOCRAT platform of Pro-Death to unwanted babies & Pro-Gay Marriage which is an abomination to God. Obama resents those who have worked hard to amass fortunes and he wants their money so he can have more control & power. He is Pro-communism (Democrats are) but it's cloaked in a deceptive allure of compassion for the world. He believes in BIG TAXATION and CONTROL over every aspect of America he can get his hands on, dear ones, that IS NOT FREEDOM!Obama is a spoiled yuppie that has never done any hard labor. Those who support him are obviously ignorant of his secret agenda – or in favor of it.