VIDEO: Team Obama debunks Romney's debate lies


Team Obama's rapid response team has been right on top of things this election season, as they should be. What makes it so easy is Willard M. Romney. He lies with such ease, but there are consequences. The debunking of his overwhelming number of false statements ends up taking over the news cycle, which is exactly what happened after the GOP convention when the media fact-checked Paul Ryan.

Mitt Romney didn't tell the truth about his tax plan, his plan for Americans with pre-existing conditions, his Medicare plan, nor the President's Medicare plan.

Why would Romney not tell the truth about what he'd do as President? Because his real plans would hurt the middle class.

UPDATE: But wait! There's more!

  • rbooker

    In a sense Romney is a flip-flopper to suit the occasion but this stems from his culture which mandates that he lie for his interests which in turn glorifies his church. Just Google and Wikipedia keywords: Lying for the Lord. There you have it.

  • David G

    This is a great piece... And it's only sad that President Obama didn't bring these things up at the debate.   That's when 60 million people were watching.  Cleaning up the milk after it's been spilled isn't the same as showing you know what the truth is and having the courage to speak up at the time.  None of these things are surprising or new from Romney.  He's been lying this way for months... It's the President's handlers and prep people who let him down so he didn't do what he should and say, "Hold on there, Governor.  That's just not true.  I've read your plans and heard your speeches and that's not a fact, but rather fiction.  Answer the question honestly because I have a country to run and I can't waste my time on liars.  DG