Report: Rep. Paul Ryan among "Worst of the Worst" when it comes to voting against the middle class


Via Campaign For America's Future, we get this press release (bolding is mine). In part:

New Report Shows 181 Members of Congress Vote Against the Middle Class

VP Candidate Rep. Paul Ryan is among the “Worst of the Worst”

Washington, DC – The Campaign for America’s Future released a new voters’ guide for the middle class today. Republican Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan and 180 other Members of Congress vote with the middle class zero percent of the time. The new Middle Class Voter Guide was created to hold lawmakers accountable for their votes in Congress on the most important bills that would have helped or hurt the middle class. [...]

The Campaign for America’s Future rated every legislator on the basis of his or her votes on 10 key bills in the House and in the Senate that had the greatest impact on the middle class. [...]

Campaign for America’s Future is buying Google ads aimed at 10 “worst of the worst” incumbent Representatives whose fate in November may determine control of Congress. Rep. Paul Ryan is on the top ten target list. [...]

CA-10 Rep. Jeff Denham: 0%
CA-36 Rep. Mary Bono Mack: 0%
CO-6 Rep. Mike Coffman: 0%
NH-1 Rep. Frank Guinta: 0%
NH-2 Charles Bass: 10%
PA-6 Rep. Jim Gerlach: 0%
PA-8 Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick: 0%
IL-13 Rep. Tim Johnson: 20%
NY-23 Rep. Tom Reed: 0%
WI-1 Rep. Paul Ryan: 0%

The Middle Class Voter Guide is available online.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s rating is available here.