Mitt Romney: Commander-in-Cheat?


UPDATE: This post is not a comment on President Obama's performance one way or another. The questions raised have nothing to do with how he did. This is about Romney and only Romney.

So there I was on Twitter last night, minding my own beeswax, when suddenly I got all kinds of tweets asking me if Willard M. Romney brought notes to the debate. If he did, that's against the rules. If he did, it's a quite a statement about what's left of his character, if anything. If he did, then he's even sleazier and more dishonest than I thought.

The Big Question o' the Day is: Did he or didn't he? I retort, you deride:

All you need to watch is the first 11 seconds.

UPDATE: Here it is in slo-mo, h/t @MzYun:

More video here.

I wasn't going to post about this, but the story is growing, and now Los Angeles radio hosts are all over it, among others. So what do you think?

H/t: Mo'Kelly, host on KTLK radio for "Commander-In-Cheat"

  • David G

    If it was a hanky, why did he then surreptitiously re-arrange it on the podium, as he does, the same way one does with crib notes?  And considering he was sweating quite a bit, why did he never use it?  And if he didn't want to look like Nixon wiping his brown, then why even take it out of his pocket and toss it on the podium.  Nice try, Republicans.  I bet you'll tell us next that the suit he was wearing he picked up at K -Mart while shopping for some of the tasty treats he was first given by some common folks who had him over for lunch. DG

  • What I see is the same thing on both podiums. I would guess it's something provided for the candidates to take notes during the debate.

  • lsamsa

    Hmmm...very sneakily done there Mitt.
    I watched three concentrate on both to see if Obama also put anything on the podium...nope.
    Romney put 'whatever it was' (sure looked like paper to me) quickly & with very little noticeable movement.
    Certainly not surprising, considering the roundabout & all the lies that Mitt so confidently put forth...but glad this has been brought to the public's attention.

  • Hippie_Cyndi

    I don't know guys, it sounds like one of those unfounded conspiracy theory. It might just be hard for us to believe Obama did so badly, even thou the facts are with him.

  • Maybe he used the Sarah Palin-patented "TelePalmTer:"

     . . . meaning he took the Whore Of Babble-On's debate advice to heart.

  • disqusux

    I've ironed mens' handkerchiefs maybe thousands of times but I've never seen one that folded like that in the picture. I don't know why people would assume that Romney wouldn't cheat in a debate: he cheated on his taxes which is why he can't show consecutive tax returns for even the past 5 years, and he's still hiding  millions offshore.  He's also not bright enough to have two degrees from a prestigious university IMO, and I've never ever heard him lauded for his integrity. 

  • disqusux

    'They' can determine it's a Malvern Star bicycle but that won't make it so. Some people believe that Sarah Palin birthed a baby across eight states and two countries but it doesn't make that true, either. 

  • flan59

    There is a clip with that scene blown up that I saw...showing what he tossed close up... that is one stiff bounced.

  • David Gillooly

    No worry. If Mitt cheated John will make it all better. I can see the explanation now. "Yes," Sununu said. "He didn't want to prepare for this debate. He's lazy and disengaged."

  • Who did that? Because that doesn't look like a hankie to me. And if "they" did, nobody in L.A. radio got wind of it.

  • Marina Delune

     They've already determined that it was a handkerchief.

  • That's a copy of the Book of Mormon he got from the Marriott down the road.