Justice Scalia: Outlawing “homosexual sodomy” is a no-brainer


Looky here what Salon posted, and if you do, make sure to have some Valium nearby:

At a book reading and lecture at Washington’s American Enterprise Institute this week, the 76-year-old associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and self-described “textualist” entertained the crowd by rattling off a litany of his top judicial no-brainers. 

The death penalty? Give me a break. It’s easy. Abortion? Absolutely easy. Nobody ever thought the Constitution prevented restrictions on abortion,” he said. “Homosexual sodomy? Come on. For 200 years, it was criminal in every state.” And then he went to bed that night and slept like a baby.

Easy peasy no-brainers? Well, sure, because Scalia's clearly an expert in brainlessness.

Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren's opponent in the Massachusetts Senate race, picked Scalia as one of his favorite Supreme Court justices, pass it on. And then remember that little fun fact in November.

  • Soooooo, I guess this means  heterosexual sodomy is okay?

  • JeffreyRO55

     Scalia is really losing it, if he had it in the first place. They keep telling us how smart he is and I keep looking for evidence.

  • Scalia acts more like a member of the taliban than an American.

  • This is sad he plays word games just like Dumney,He is in such a high position in the U.S.A that he cant just come out and say he Hates Gays, Lesbians ,Blacks,Browns and so on !!
    (Human Beings) in my Book  Some people would say you get wiser with age that hasn't happened in his case !! Keep this in mind on your way to vote Dumney thinks the same way!!!! 

  • Scalia is a no-brainer.  Sane folks don't act this way.

  • Mike Conley

    And for 87 years, slavery was legal in every state. How that for stare decisis, goombah?

  • Here's another no brainer for Scalia: Women's suffrage.  It was illegal for women to vote for much of our country's existence, so why not make it illegal again?  This uses the same rationale for his wanting to jail people for sodomy.  What a derp.  

  • justquitnow

    I love the "small government" boys reaching inside wombs and seeking control over the anuses of others.  Scalia should be impeached for his conflicts of interest, political activities, and the worst logic straining opinions in the history of the Supreme Court.

    He had a major part in bringing us Bush and thus the hell decade and the horrible deaths of a million people. His opinions on Citizens United alone should be enough...have any of your read it?

  • adiantum

    Funny how a supreme court justice interprets the constitution such that if you can't find a reason against outlawing something, then you most certainly can do so.  Thought it said the opposite: that rights and freedoms not expressed in the document belong to the people, not the government.

  • Scalia's an expert at brainless decisions...

  • Hippie_Cyndi

    disgusting pitiful man, I guess taking away ppl's basic fundamental human rights and liberty is alright as long its not a corporation or a church.

  • Justice Scalia: Outlawing “homosexual sodomy” is a no-brainer

     . . . and yet, there was split decision over the legality of affordable national health care for all Americans . . .