Todd Akin omits information on financial disclosure forms... again


Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin has been trying to unseat Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill, but he's not doing a great job, to say the least.

Roll Call:

The Senate campaign of Republican Rep. Todd Akin has yet another problem - the candidate has once again run afoul of Congressional financial disclosure rules. [...]

This is not the first time Akin has been caught omitting information on a disclosure form. Last year, he filed an amendment to about a decade's worth of disclosure forms because property holdings that were worth at least $355,000 in 2010 had not been reported. [...]

It is unclear why it did not occur to Akin or anyone associated with his office to report the undisclosed pension income at that time.

This is the same Akin who said abortions were done “on women who weren’t pregnant,” and yes, McCaskill still leads Akin in Missouri.