Worried GOP strategists to Romney: Make economic case against Pres. Obama stat! Or face defeat.


What happened to that "tight ship" Republicans are supposed to be so good at running? All I've seen this election season are the Keystone Kops. The Hill:

With just five weeks before the presidential election, Republican strategists say Mitt Romney must quickly make his economic case against President Obama or else face defeat.

But party insiders are not confident he can do it, fearing he will continue to chase distractions rather than staying on message.

Worse, they don’t agree among themselves about what Romney’s tactics should be — when debating Obama, in television advertising and other areas of his campaign.

Of course, the media will declare Willard Romney the debate winner if he pops out a memorable "zinger" or two and doesn't dissolve into a puddle of 10,000-dollar bills... but I digress.

Bill Lacy, a Reagan campaign veteran, said this: "He cannot continue to flounder around.” If that doesn't inspire confidence, nothing will.

The dissent in Republican circles underscores the uncertainty about whether Romney can find a pathway out of his current predicament before time runs out on Nov. 6.

Can't seem to unify around a solution, Republicans? Nah, they're too busy working on suppressing the vote and coming up with new ways to avoid answering questions about their budget plan details.

But back to Mitt's "scattershot" approach, the one that's getting so much scattershot criticism. The suggestions are coming in from all corners about how he should handle the debate. For example:

He should hit President Obama hard, smack him silly, give him a knockout punch. Of course, first he'll have to learn how to give knockout punches.

OR, he should ignore Obama, and get his own message out, maybe even *gasp!* finally reveal some of those details he's been hoarding. On second thought...

OR, try to convince everyone that he's a warm, fuzzy, likable guy, not that cold-hearted one-percenter who dismisses 47% of Americans the way Paul Ryan dismisses questions from Fox. Oh come on, who's kidding who here?

OR, just talk policy. Wait. He can do that?

OR, as Emily Litella used to say: