VIDEO- Gov. Bob "Forced Ultrasound" McDonnell: Questions on specifics about Romney/Ryan budget "laughable"


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I watched MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell try to force an answer from Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) the way he forces ultrasounds on women. But she got nowhere. He floundered, he bobbed and weaved, he ducked and covered, he tap danced, he mocked, he stammered, he blamed, but he never gave voters any details about how Willard Romney's tax cuts for the wealthy would balance the budget without raising taxes on the rest of us, among other things.

Had he been doing a decent Paul Ryan impression, he would have brushed off Mitchell by telling her he simply didn't have the time to go into it:

Andrea Mitchell: Where is the math, and is Mitt Romney going to be under pressure in this debate to produce some specifics about how it will all add up?

McDonnell: Well, Andrea, first, that’s a laughable question. Where’s the president’s plan?

Are we laughing yet?

Think Progress:

"McDonnell tacitly and perhaps unknowingly admitted... [Romney] would have to raise taxes on the middle class to avoid blowing a hole in the budget."