Video- Whoopie Goldberg, Ann Coulter Whip It Up On "The View"


Yeah Ann, you just sit there and tell Whoopi what black people think. Sheesh, you'd think even she wasn't that stupid. Via Mediaite.

  • Why are democrats always accused of rewriting history when Ann Coulter is a prime example of how often republicans love to change history to suit their needs? She is nothing but a hateful woman whose books have no factual basis. They are merely her rants and there are people dumb enough to believe what she says because she plays into their fears and stereotypes of "other Americans".

  • Person

    Coulter using the neocon revisionist history!  Anyone with a minimal knowledge of political history knows that the  very early 20th century Dixiecrats were deeply conservative and that the Democratic party of today is the complete opposite of that time.  The point that should be made is the suppression that  came in the 60's by the republican party who branded MLK as a communist and tried to stop civil rights (LBJ a DEMOCRAT helped civil rights).  While she spins her poison and misinformation the BIGGEST point is what is going on TODAY and which is clear:  voter suppression and racist southern strategy from the RIGHT!  PS Coulter had a nice twitter today calling 47% of America "retarded".  Coulter you are cretin who lives off of hate and lies.

  • Well, it was good to see Crazy Annie wearing something besides the same persperation-, alcohol-, and cocaine-stained black cocktail dress she(?) usually wears . . .


  • barkway

    Did the Coultergeist get a boob job? Or maybe those are canteloupe halves...