Poll- For Romney, some troubling signs among older voters


This is quite remarkable. h.t. Taegan.

(Reuters) - Even before his running mate was booed by a lobbying group for older Americans on Friday, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was losing support among such voters, whose backing is crucial to his hopes of winning the November 6 election.

New polling by Reuters/Ipsos indicates that during the past two weeks - since just after the Democratic National Convention - support for Romney among Americans age 60 and older has crumbled, from a 20-point lead over Democratic President Barack Obama to less than 4 points.

Romney's double-digit advantages among older voters on the issues of healthcare and Medicare - the nation's health insurance program for those over 65 and the disabled - also have evaporated, and Obama has begun to build an advantage in both areas.

  • rikyrah

    he was leading them by 20 points.

    now, it's less than four.

    a lot of them may have hearing aids, but they heard loud and clear that Willard and Eddie Munster want to have them eating cat food and move back in with their children when they no longer can afford to live on their own because of medical expenses.

    when that dawned on them...

    voting for the Black man didn't seem so hard anymore.

  • That is good news. ¬†Also, his leaked video isn't helping either. ¬† The person who secretly taped the fund raiser speech deserves a medal and so does Jimmy Carter's grandson.