VIDEO: Homer Simpson Votes 2012 + Funny Or Die's Guide to Voter ID Laws


Hey, it's an election year, and you know what they say... gotta laugh (bygones). Snarkitude galore, coming right up:

The Simpsons: So many great moments crammed into such a short video.

And on to Funny or Die:

Patriot Laser, genital data base (but "we respect your privacy"), 750-word essay on the evils of big government, Rachel Maddow... you name it, they included it.

  • Paddy

     Thanks, I enjoyed posting the links but when the campaign started back up they changed around the formatting making it impossible for me to post multiple links. I emailed with the moderator for a bit, but it never got fixed.  Just c'mon over here, we got it all!!

  • PM_Ohio

    Hello Ladies,
    I miss your links on the OFA blog. I happened to stumble upon it tonight. Please come back to OFA, we miss you!

  • Hippie_Cyndi

    lol, very appropriate and scary possibility.