Secret Ryan Transcript: Social Security and Medicare are the Target


Read below how Pinochet's Chile is a model for Paul Ryan, how it's all about "collectivists" vs "individualists." Because, you know, Social Security and Medicare are for 47% losers and parasitic disabled moochers like war veterans who Romney said he doesn't "worry about."

It was at this event, a 2005 speech at the Atlas Society’s “Celebration of Ayn Rand,” where Ryan stated that Rand's books were “required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff” ... until he later ran away from his own comments, calling recollections of his statements "an urban legend." Um, not so much. You "said it about yourself":

"The more the rich have, the better... that is not fiscal conservatism."

"Robin Hood in reverse... redistribution of income from the bottom up..."

Via America Magazine:

This isn’t from a secret video, it's from the untranscribed portion of Ryan’s 2005 speech at the Atlas Society’s “Celebration of Ayn Rand.”  It fits well with the Romney video because it makes clear that middle class entitlements, “so called defined benefit programs” such as Social Security and Medicare ARE an explicit strategic target because they are collectivistic, socialistic and foster dependency. [...]

It is impossible to summarize these statements without sounding like a breathless conspiracy theorist.  Here’s what Ryan says.  Don’t trust my bullets.  Read the transcript.  Don’t trust my transcript, listen to the audio on the Atlas Society site.

  • Ryan describes Social Security and Medicare as “collectivist” and “socialistic.”
  • Ryan’s strategic plan:  privatize Social Security and Medicare in order to convert people from “collectivism” to believers in a “capitalistic individualistic” philosophy.  So that there will be “more people on our team” who “won’t listen to” Democrats. 
  • Ryan’s acceptance of Pinochet’s Secretary of Social Security José Piñera’s similar program of Social Security privatization as a “moral revolution” that made Marxists into capitalists who started to read the Chilean equivalent of the Wall Street Journal.  Ryan is overheard, “Yeah”  “That’s right.”

Doesn't sound very "Catholic" to me. Why, it even sounds kinda "foreign"! Gasp!

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