MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell beat Fox News [sic] shows in 25-54 demo two nights in a row


On September 10th, I posted MSNBC most-watched cable news network in M-F primetime last week. First time ever in 16 year history! That was a lovely day and a swell post, wasn't it?

Now HuffPo has more good news for MSNBC and more bad news for ClusterFox, at least for now:

[S]omething unexpected has happened over the last two days: MSNBC has beaten Fox News in the all-important A25-54 category two nights in a row. [...]

[O]n both Monday and Tuesday -- with neither a huge news event nor a huge booking -- MSNBC beat Fox News. Rachel Maddow's ratings in the demo on Tuesday were better than Bill O'Reilly's and Sean Hannity's. Lawrence O'Donnell's were better than Greta van Susteren's. Overall, MSNBC beat Fox News 575,000 to 526,000.

Did I mention that Rachel Maddow rocks? And Lawrence's numbers were clearly nothing to sneeze at either.

It's not like Fox's ratings are worrisome, but if this were to continue it would be, to quote a certain Veep we all know, a big F'ing deal.

  • I am afraid I was caught up with the crap these two cable news stations were spewing. No more they are the reason America can't come together. The politicians are using them to divide and concur. People are such sheep and once again it's been proven out. 

    We have more similarities than not this is the problem with America. Sorry Rachel you are smart and concise just working for the man like all the rest to ruin America. No more "Take me by the  tongue..." 

  • Finally! Rachel is awesome and should beat FOX every night.