VIDEO- Ann Romney: Mitt "obviously doesn’t need to do this for a job."


Ann Romney was sent out to do damage control after her husband's idiotic comments that were caught on tape, but she's not doing her husband any favors as you can see in the video below.

My pal Adele M. Stan has a post up at Alternet that you should read in which she points out that "after initially posting video of the interview on its official campaign YouTube channel, the Romney campaign abruptly removed it, according to BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller."

Here 'tis:

"I want to know what motivates the person that I would be voting for, and I would say what motivates Mitt is that he cares. This is a guy that obviously doesn’t need to do this for a job. I mean, he honestly believes that he can help many Americans by having the experience that he has, and the ability to understand the economy, to bring more certainty to more Americans, especially to women."

Nah, Willard doesn't need the work. He's too busy making the big bucks from closing down companies, outsourcing jobs, and then making the workers he fired train their replacements. He's just in it for the big banquets, the ultimate private jet, and the novelty of being CEO of a country.

President Obama, on the other hand, cares about more than 47% of America and less about hiding his tax returns.

H/t: @Cluelessbetty