VIDEO- Soledad O'Brien to Bay Buchanan on Romney's 47% comments: "Didn't Mitt Romney in these leaked tapes really bash his own voters?"


Via CNN.

Bay Buchanan:

“As a candidate he can’t worry about those he can’t get.”

No, Bay, he meant what he said right here:

Soledad O'Brien had a chart full o' facts and a painful article by not-Dem-by-a-longshot David Brooks in her arsenal. Bay Buchanan had nothing but ineffective damage control.


"Didn't Mitt Romney in these leaked tapes really bash his own voters?... Now you have a major problem."

Buchanan: Foodstampsfoodstampsfoodstamps.


"47% of the nation is not on food stamps... Half of the country is NOT on food stamps."

"He didn't say that. He said 47% of the nation are basically losers."

Bay: Nuh-UH!

O'Brien for the win.

H/t: @MzYun

  • Bay Buchanan is a dangerous idiot. "If you believe in your lie, then it's not a lie" George Contanza. May I remind her that Romney said " you can't fix Wash from the inside"
    Do your homework people.

  • Bay Buchanan has been around forever. She's Pat Buchanan's sister.

  • David Gillooly

    I never heard of this Bay Buchanan lady before. She got off on the wrong foot by lying when she said she did not know the question that Mitt responded too. Mitt also put this lie out during his presser Monday night.

    Buchanan had no answer to the videos other than the same sound bytes thrown out through out the campaign. Didn't they have some strategy or develop a set of new items to fend off the question. Bush league operation..

  • Bay Buchanan:  “As a candidate he can’t worry about those he can’t get.”

    So -- pander to your base and screw everybody else . . . right, Bay?

    Sounds like a winning strategy, I guess; the only problem that comes in is if he gets elected -- will he still "not worry" about those who didn't vote for him?

  • This whole debacle is utterly amazing.  Exciting.  And amazing.  It's time for them all to just hang it up and go home.  They cannot make this better, although they sure are trying.  Even Shep Smith was playing the party line on it earlier.  Cavuto went a step further by feeding Romney his excuses.  Rather than asking him "What do you have to say for yourself?", Cav fed the answer to him in the form of a question, "Didn't you just mean...."  
    Boy oh boy, they all sure have a lot of confidence in him, don't they?