VIDEO: Chicago Teachers Union Members and Their Hilarious Signs


Because this is so serious, it was a relief to see a video that had at least some humor. Teachers are people, too, my friend.

I kid, but I was an educator for over 15 years, and I can promise you, not one teacher or aide I knew during my time working in public schools was in it for the money.  There were very, very few who seemed to care more about themselves than they did about the kids. In fact, I can only think of two. One was a hostile ass who was too lazy to teach properly and should have been fired, and the other WAS fired because he preyed on female students for years and was finally caught after a whole lot of effort by a handful of us who refused to give up until someone listened to us (you're welcome).

Teachers work endless hours, take the brunt of criticism from some parents who find it very difficult to admit that they and/or their child need to improve their behavior, withstand working conditions you wouldn't believe unless you witnessed them first hand, and yet can't stop beaming when their kids succeed in the face of challenge after challenge, both personal and scholastic.

They deserve our respect and a whole lot more.


Chicago Teachers Union Members and Their Hilarious Signs #FairContractNow