"Romney Decries His Red State Southern Base as Lazy Moochers: the 47%"


Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

No, he didn't use those exact words, but in condemning 47 percent of the nation for paying no income taxes, Romney was denigrating the sacred base of the modern GOP: the Deep South.

In a nutshell, here's why: seven of the lowest ten paying states in income taxes are in the Deep South. Yes stretching from South Carolina to Texas, the states that have the highest percentage of people Romney considers leeches on the government are in the GOP Southern Strategy vote belt.  And if you toss in Idaho, which is a red state, you have eight of the lowest paying states in income taxes getting a sneering kick from Romney. [...]

The only blue state among the states Romney apparently reviles for being loaded with non-tax payers is New Mexico, with Florida – a swing state – also included. [...]

Here, according to the Tax Foundation are the top ten states with percentage of non-filers in 2008:

1 Mississippi

2 Georgia   

3 Arkansas  

4 New Mexico

5 Alabama

6 South Carolina    

7 Louisiana  

8 Texas

9 Florida

10 Idaho
In fact, the southern states, as BuzzFlash has pointed out before, are subsidized, in government dollars, by the taxpayers of northern blue states. [...]

BuzzFlash at Truthout covered Romney's hypocrisy about the Mississippi federal dependency syndrome in a March 2012 commentary entitled "Mississippi Freeloads on the Back of Blue State Taxpayers for Federal Subsidies to Survive."  [...]

In short, Romney's foundation for any chance of electoral victory is composed basically of welfare states.

Not to mention that there remains the outstanding question of whether or not Romney paid US income taxes in any of the years, particularly 2009, for which he has not yet released his tax returns.  

In addition, not paying income taxes does not mean not paying taxes.  ...

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