Video- Gun Store Owner On Fox: Obama Will Make U.S. "Look Like Chicago" With "Anti-Gun" Laws If Re-Elected


Via Media Matters.

  • Gun Store Owner On Fox: Obama Will Make U.S. “Look Like Chicago” With “Anti-Gun” Laws If Re-Elected

    ROFL!!  Hey, it could be worse;  Obama might make the US look like another "foreign" place:  Hawaii. 🙂

  • where do they find these clowns. These guys have a problem with penis envy issues. The faux trons feed the answer and then ask if this is a hunch!  NO ITS NOT A HUNCH, THIS CLOWN JUST PULLED THAT Nswer DIRECTlY OUT OF HIS ANUS!!!!!! "I've heard this before" if so, how come there are still so many guns available. I have no problem with people using guns to hunt etc just don't lay that "we'll be safer if everyone is carrying" bullshit on me. If everyone in the Aurora theater was carrying, the death toll would have been enormous simply because because everyone would have been shooting at anyone who was brandishing a weapon. The average citizen cannot maintain the level of training and proficiency to react properly and accurately in a high stress situation like the Aurora shooting. Any doubts?? check who shot all the bystanders in the empire state building incident. The people who are supposedly trained to handle the situation, and even they get it wrong.

  • judi

    How long are these nutcases gonna keep beating this dead horse??? Our neighbor has been on this for YEARS!