Poll-itics- Pres. Obama "in the driver's seat": leads among Hispanic voters 68%-26%, ahead in most polls nationally


The Democratic convention bounce may have already started to deflate a little overall, but so far, President Obama has hung on to most of it, and is soaring with Latinos.

Via The Hill:

President Obama holds a commanding lead over his Republican challenger among Latino voters, with a particular advantage among women, according to a poll released Monday by Latino Decisions.

The survey finds Obama with a 68-26 percent lead over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney among all Latinos. Among Hispanic women, Obama's lead is even larger. He leads Romney among this consituency by a 74-21 percent margin — a staggering 53-point advantage. 

Among men, the lead decreases to 61-32 percent in favor of Obama. Both Hispanic women and men give the president a 71 percent favorability rating, while Romney's favorability fails to crack 30 percent with either group.

And again, The Hill:

Obama is ahead of Romney by a narrow margin in most national polls, and has a slightly wider lead in most swing states, giving Romney almost no room for error. Obama continues to lead Romney in personal likability — a major asset — and a sustained barrage of summer advertising from his campaign combined with a successful Democratic National Convention has put him in the driver's seat heading into the election's homestretch.

The president has led Romney in polling throughout the summer except for a slight blip following the GOP convention, and the electoral college map sets up favorably for the president.

Team Romney will be throwing bags of cash into ad buys now, but per The Hill, Democrats have the edge in the ground game.

The debates, which begin October 3rd, will be the next Big Thing. I've maintained that people will be setting such low expectations for Romney that he'll end up getting rave reviews for simply not falling on his face, just as happened with GW Bush. Yes, Bush was considered "more likable" than Willard, so there's that. But it seems I'm on the right track with my prediction:

Advisers for Romney, including his wife, have already begun to downplay expectations for his performance: on Friday, Ann Romney described her husband as the “underdog," noting the president’s oratorical skills.

Just watch the rave reviews pour in because Romney manages to squeeze in an occasional jab and/or a memorable line. If that's how we judge our candidates, we're worse off than I thought.