"Every time Romney touches foreign policy, he breaks things."


As Rachel Maddow tweeted, "Kristof's column on Romney today is devastating":

DIPLOMACY is a minefield, and Mitt Romney spent the last week blowing up his foreign policy credentials to be president. He raised doubts about his capacity to deal with global crises, and we were left hoping that if that 3 a.m. call ever went to him, he’d have set up call forwarding.

The essential problem is that every time Romney touches foreign policy, he breaks things. He went on a friendly trip to Britain — the easiest possible test for a candidate, akin to rolling off a log — and endeared himself by questioning London’s readiness to host the Olympic Games. In the resulting firestorm, one newspaper, The Sun, denounced “Mitt the Twit.” [...]

Perhaps the Romney campaign should invest in a muzzle for its candidate. It might even be tax-deductible! [...]

Plenty of candidates don’t write their own foreign policy position papers, but Romney is unusual in that he seems not to have even read his.

Read the rest here. It's just as devastating as Rachel said it was.

Of course, it is actually Romney who is devastating, not only to himself, but to this country.