Republicans control the calendar in the House of Representatives. They're cutting back their work schedule. Again.


CBS, October 27, 2011: House plans only 109 workdays in 2012:

As the party in power, Republicans control the calendar in the House of Representatives. When they took over, GOP leaders set a loose goal of two weeks on, one week off - giving members the chance to spend extended time back in their districts every third week. This calendar reflects that goal. In fact, there are only two weeks in all of 2012 where House members are slated to be in Washington all five weekdays. And there is no month in which they are scheduled to work more than 14 days.

The Hill, September 14, 2012: House cuts back work schedule:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Friday announced that next week will be the final work session for the chamber before the November elections.

Cantor said he does not anticipate the House will hold votes during the week of Oct. 1, which had been the final work week scheduled until after the Nov. 6 elections. [...]

Cantor said that when the House returns to work next Wednesday, it would work on a bill disapproving of a Health and Human Services rule on work requirements for food stamps, and a bill called the Stop the War on Coal Act, H.R. 3409.

Gallup, September 14, 2012: Congress' Approval Poised to Be Lowest in an Election Year:

And they call unemployed Americans, those on food stamps or in similar dire straits lazy?

Then again, the GOP is more concerned with banning abortions and food stamps while doing the bidding of their Big Oil and Coal donors than they are in coming up with a, you know, jobs bill.