Friday Links


Another damn Friday?

Wash your mouth out! The tasty soap sculptures of ice lollies and sushi that look good enough to eat

Eating for Life | Subtle tweaks make cheese soup more nutritious

White Cliffs of Dover: Why are they so important to the British

Video- Impressive Photo-A-Day Project Documents Man’s Five-Year Journey Through Every Facial Hairstyle Imaginable

Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ, report claims

Shirley MacLaine: Hollywood 'ignores older viewers'

U.S. News college rankings: not the only way to judge schools

DI When? 14m families are living with unfinished improvements... and some put up with it for longer than three years
(Man, ain't this one true)

U.S.- Cuba travel snarled by regulations, politics

How often do plane stowaways fall from the sky?

"The most interesting man in the world" fundraiser for Obama

Proof that aid works? Child mortality plummets

Strom Thurmond's America

Genes for face shape identified

Popular antibiotics may carry serious side effects

Video- Neil Armstrong remembered at public memorial

How young is too young to let children drive tractors?

Atomic bond types discernible in single-molecule images