VIDEO- Newsweek: Romney asked Paul Ryan for 10 years of tax returns. So why will he only release one year?


According to Newsweek, Romney asked VP shortlisters for ten years of tax returns.

So why won't Romney release more of his own returns? What exactly is he still hiding?

If Romney wanted 10 year of tax returns from Ryan why does he think voters only deserve one full year from him?

The question Romney has to answer is: What is he hiding?

  • David G

     Thanks, Laffy.  Glad I had my facts straight.  DG

  • Blondetwit

    If I were Ryan, I would be wondering WTF is Mitt hiding that may take Ryan down as well?  Or is he just waiting for the book deal at the other end?

  • GottaLaff
  • David G

    My understanding is that Mitt Romney released no full tax returns... He gave up 2010 incomplete return -- not all forms attached and the estimated return for 2011.   So I would say for accuracy sake, he's released NO FULL RETURNS so far -- yet he gave McCain's  people something like 23.  That makes me wonder if those were accurate and copies of filed returns or if they were fakes.  Hmmm.  DG