"What the hell does IMPEDIMENT mean? You need to STOP making up words! All Democrats make up words!!"


Longtime reader/pal Blondetwit lives in Washington (the state) and wrote this in Comments under the post CNBC’s Jim Cramer: “My dad, a vet, won’t be allowed to vote in Pa…” and I had to share it with all our readers. Jaw-dropping:

In what became a heated argument the other day over this very issue, my opponent in the convo said that I would "Go to hell, as all liars, cheats and frauds go to hell, and that he knew I'd like it there because that's where ALL democrats go...", so I calmly responded, "I have no problem with voter ID as long as there is absolutely NO IMPEDIMENT to getting that ID".

His response, "What the hell does IMPEDIMENT mean?  You need to STOP making up words!  All Democrats make up words!!....."

Need I say more?

However, this man is a local person of some reputation (not sure what that reputation is these days), but has been held in respect.  

So the guy who condemns all Democrats to hell, who calls them liars, cheats, and frauds has the vocabulary of a third grader. And is well-respected.

Imagine how respected he'd be if he knew what the word "apology" meant. Or "civil." Or "educated."

Which reminds me: