VIDEO: Harry Reid slams Paul Ryan's marathon lie: "Using Ryan math, I could have made the Olympic team!"


Via who else but Andrew Kaczynski at BuzzFeed.

"Paul Ryan's arithmetic?... I'd like to just take a minute and apply the Ryan math to my marathon times.... I ran the Boston Marathon. And using the Ryan math... I could have made the Olympic team... I would have been superb!"

"You can always check someone's math, and his math doesn't work for any marathon or anything else. The Ryan math doesn't work on his budget, it doesn't work with Medicare, it doesn't work with his tax plan, it doesn't work with anything that he has suggested or opined on."

"I guess he thought no one would check it out!"

"So as much as I'd like to have the Ryan math apply to my marathon, it doesn't work."

Let's hope this continues right up to and through the debates.

Marathon men Paul Ryan 2012 and Len Bahr on Boston Marathon 'Heartbreak Hill' 1983. Via