Video- Fox Host To Scarlett Johansson: "You're Worth Millions" -- Pay For Your Friends' Contraceptives "Instead Of Asking Me"


Gutfield is such a class act. Via MM.

  • We can all agree on one thing. The GOP has a talent for jumping on the wrong side of every issue! Faux News is a reality show, scripted to play on the fears of ignorant, bigoted and hateful people by "Bloviating Ignoramuses" paid to read a script and pretend it's spntaneous.

  • I only wished we could have said something similar to Dick Cheney. "You're worth millions. If your friends want to pillage Iraq, you pay for it, instead of asking me."

  • This is basically the same crapolla we heard when Warren Buffet suggested that the rich actually pay a lower percent of their income to the federal government.

    They said something like, "if you think you should pay more just volunteer to pay more"!

    Today's Republican party is just totally out of touch with reality!

  • David G

    So being selfish and sexist isn't enough.  And he lies when he says he's not against contraception.  He is.  He doesn't want women to have the same rights as men.  He doesn't want them to have control over their body.  And Fox pays morons like this to spew sarcastic venom.  I hope he gets the job he's really cut out for -- stacking boxes at Costco.   DG

  • life13021

    He's boorish and a pig, my apologies if I offended any pigs.

  • PDBF!  I am certain his insurance covers his Viagra...clearly he can't do it on his own.....