PhotOH! Romney "requirement" speaks volumes: "Can you imagine having to put these signs up at an Obama gathering?"


This tweet made the rounds last night. I had to share with those of you who might have missed it.

Republicans protest and whine and moan about the individual mandate, but they're fine with a mandate during a rally that should inspire, not demand, "willing participation". Hey, if you have to ask, then maybe you need to work on that enthusiasm gap thing.

  • He should have just ordered the Coal Miners from Pennsylvania to sit there and look grim, with no pay and the threat of the loss of their jobs hanging over their heads. That would have gotten some participation.

  • Failing that, the Romney Campaign plan to bus in Mexican illegals to applaud wildly everytime Mitt says Trabajo, followed by a nice buffet and a mass self-deportation #p2

  • That's a shame, for the GOP. Who are the people who show up for Republican events, anyway?

  • Couple that with having to bribe people to come to events with free stuff... and Mitt Romney is more like a carnival barker than a Presidential candidate.