Tests confirm, and Hurricane Isaac exposes, Louisiana oil came from BP spill


BP has gone out of their way to let us know how much they care. Why, when you think about it, they cared so much that they were reckless as hell, killed eleven people, destroyed wildlife, poisoned and/or killed our oceans, and put countless lives in danger.

Hurricane Isaac managed to redistribute some of BP's care in the form of tar balls, a fact that can no longer be disputed:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Laboratory tests show that globs of oil found on two Louisiana beaches after Hurricane Isaac came from the 2010 BP spill.

Tests run by Louisiana State University for state wildlife officials confirmed that oil found on Elmer's Island and Grand Isle matched the biological fingerprint of the hundreds of millions of gallons of oil that spewed from BP's Macondo well.

On Wednesday, BP PLC said oil from its spill had been exposed by Isaac's waves and that the company would work to clean it up.

But Louisiana isn't the only place that oil has been discovered:

About 100 pounds of tar balls collected on the Alabama coast after Isaac are being tested at Auburn University, which has a contract with local government to assess the material. 

Researcher Joel Hayworth is calling this "the new normal for the Gulf Coast." Way to go, BP!

BP has been running TV ads touting Gulf Coast tourism and urging people to "come on down."

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