Video- Grilled By Matt Lauer, Paul Ryan Still Won't Admit Lies


Pauly sounds a little desperate there, with all his "and the point is" kneejerks. Via Think Progress. I'm out of order again today.

  • FED___UP

    No YOU LIE to your homework, even if repeating the lie including fact check got Obama a second term.  The DEED IS DONE

  • After all the lies he's told, why would I believe ANYTHING Ryan says?

    No, he didn't run a marathon in three hours.

    He lied about the GM plant
    in Janesvile, Wisconsin that was closed while George Bush years, in
    December 2008: but Ryan in his speech at the Republican Convention
    falsely blamed the closure on President Obama. Now Ryan is wriggling,
    trying to claim he didn't say it.

    There's a reason why Paul Ryan is known as Lyin' Ryan.

    And no, I do NOT
    believe Lyin' Ryan climbed "close to 40" of the 54 "fourteener" peaks
    in Colorado.

  • I recently did a post on my "Grumbles From an Old Grouch" blog ( on Ryan. I titled the post "Fryin' Ryan". I should have called it "Lyin' Ryan". Ryan is a hypocrite to put it politely. To put it not so politely, he's a serial liar that thinks people are too lazy (or too stupid) to google his record. He even lied about his marathon performance (and that borders on pathological lying).

    Paul Ryan is not a fiscal conservative, he only plays one in the media. If you take a close look at his actual actions since he's been in congress, you'll find his major purpose is to make the rich a lot richer and to hell with the rest of us. His medicare scheme fits right into that theme. And, as they said about Watergate "Follow the money!"