VIDEO- Romney: “There was no reduction- not 1 dollar reduction in taxes- by virtue of having an account in Switzerland or a Cayman Islands investment."


Via from an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

“There was no reduction --  not one dollar reduction in taxes -- by virtue of having an account in Switzerland or a Cayman Islands investment."

“The conduct of the trustee in making investments was entirely consistent with U.S. law and all the taxes paid were those legally owed and there was no tax savings by virtue of those entities."

“I could have said, ‘Don't make any investments in any foreign companies, in any foreign bonds, in any foreign currency, only U.S. entities. And by the way, don't buy any foreign products, don't have any Japanese TVs, or foreign cars.’ I could have done that."

Yes, you could have done that.

We interrupt this post for a Willard Whopper Alert! Incoming! The majorest of major whoppers in 5... 4... 3... 2...

“But you know, I did live my life and I expect that by virtue of disclosing all of these things, people can take look at it and see whether that’s something they’re comfortable with or not. I’m not going to try to hide who I am and try and manipulate my life to try and avoid the truth.”

Some of us beg to differ: VIDEO: Mitt Romney won’t discuss his record as Mass. governor. No worries, we’ve got it covered.

And there's this: VIDEO: Serial hypocrite Mitt Romney lied, pointed fingers in 2002 and got away with it. It’s now 2012: Blather, wince, repeat.

So by “not avoiding the truth” he means releasing one incomplete 2010 return and one 2011 estimate… And how about all the rest of Willard‘s lies?

As I said in a previous post, media, will you please take Rachel Maddow up on her request to insist that Mitt Romney (and Paul Ryan) give us some straight answers? Or “do you just write down what they say?”

“It’s not what they say, it’s about what they’ve done. And when what they say is some distance from what they’ve done, that distance is the story. This is what the press is for.”

Speaking of lies:

“Their campaign is trying to find something to say, ‘Gee, hey, he had a Swiss bank account,’ which apparently was done by the blind trustee. I mean, I had no involvement in this, but the blind trust said we’re going to have some currencies, U.S. currency and some in foreign currency, that tends to be something which investors do. But they’re trying to make that seem like it is some kind of unsavory action and frankly all of the taxes are paid exactly as owed and there were no tax savings by virtue of having that vehicle.”

"I had no involvement in this, but the blind trust said..." So now blind trusts can speak?

Blind trusts are people, too my friend.

Hypocrites can certainly speak. Remember this, Willard?