Lawmaker thinks gays a threat to children, crashes boat into children; Mormon-owned TV station won’t air gay-themed sitcom


Via Slap Upside the Head

Today I ran across two stories that tell one story: Homophobia.

The first would be funny if it weren't so tragic. The Gay Star News is reporting about a homophobe named Don H. Dwyer, Jr., a Maryland lawmaker, who thinks Teh Gay is very, very bad for children. Yet he managed to get drunk enough to crash his boat into another one, injuring four children himself:

The smash was so severe that Dwyer’s boat sunk in the river. [...]

Dwyer, a Tea Party Republican, has in the past suggested that homosexuals were a threat to children and that same-sex marriage would lead to homosexuality being taught in schools.

There were five kids in total, four were hurt including one five-year-old who had to be hospitalized. The two adults in the boat were fine.

So who's the threat to kids again?

The next story involves an LDS Church-owned station, KSL, that is refusing to air NBC’s "The New Normal." The L.A. Times is reporting that NBC will find a new outlet in Salt Lake City for the show, which is about two gay men who want a baby and meet a woman who agrees to be their surrogate.

Or as I like to call it, family values. Apparently, the Mormon Church sees it differently.

Would a President Romney feel it necessary to ban gay-themed TV shows, too?