Video- GOP Senate Nominee Akin: Victims Of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Don’t Get Pregnant


This is the kind of Republican that they've been cultivating the past few decade- outspokenly, joyously ignorant. Via, h/t TPM.

  • Harbor Guy

    OF course...Now he says he "misspoke".

    I'll just keep reminding folks, He was for it....Before he was against it!

    I wonder who gave him the marching orders to clean up the mess he created?!?

  • Cheryl

    How does a man THAT dumb get that old?

  • Harbor Guy

    "Legitimate Rape" is A-OK with Todd Akin."

    I've been saying that this is the line that the Dems need to run with...and hammer...over and over and over...with the guy's picture attached. Clear and simple message.Get a clue Dems...this slime bag has given you a grand opportunity. Get on it before he flip-flops.

    "...Todd Akin says that Rape is "Legitimate""