VIDEO: This* is what President Obama has that Mitt Romney doesn't


Willard Romney is utterly soulless and as hollow and dishonest as they come. His campaign couldn't begin to make a video like this, because they would have nothing, absolutely nothing, to draw from.

* Heart and a soul (not to mention a long list of accomplishments)

  • cognachas4paws

    Great video.  It shows that undefinable thing that the best and most successful politicians have - that ability to reach into the peoples' hearts with just a word, a smile, a handshake, or a pat on the back.  You can't put it into words (although we do try) because it's not just *one* thing.  It's the whole of his soul and his personality that you see out there on the campaign trail.  Not only can HE reach into the hearts of the people, you can tell that the people are reaching into HIS heart.  We feed of his energy and he feeds off of ours; it's like a two-way street.

    Mitt Romney does not have this quality.  He does not speak from the heart - he speaks from what I think must be a power point presentation that he's memorized, full of bullet points that he must *hit* each time he speaks to a crowd.  He's not reaching into his soul to tell people what he really feels.  My guess is that it's because in his soul, he doesn't really feel much about anyone who isn't part of his family and inner circle.  At Romney's events, what I see isn't a favorable response to the man, but rather a response based on their dislike of President Obama.  It's not a love affair.  (And by love affair, I'm not trying to insinuate, as some do, that supporters of the President aren't thinking about the issues but are instead going off a feeling.  It's much more than that - the people support the President *because of* his stance on the issues.)

    Whatever *it* is, Mitt does not have it.

  • MistyDew

                                        " EXCELLENT! "