The complete opposition research file on Mitt Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan


American Bridge Paul Ryan Research Book

Thanks go to Karl Frisch for finding this for us.

For more reading fun, we've posted the complete opposition research file on Mitt Romney here!

And here are a few fun facts:

  • Ryan Used Social Security Benefits To Pay For His Education . According to US News and World Report,“Ryan’s father died when Paul was only 16. Using the Social Security survivor’s benefits he received until his 18th birthday, he paid for his education at Miami University in Ohio, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science in 1992.” According to the Chicago Tribune, “Ryan’s late father was a lawyer who died when Ryan was 16. He has said his father’s death made him grow up fast. Until he was 18, Ryan, the youngest of four children, collected Social Security survivor’s benefits, which he said he socked away for college. [US News and World Report, 7/23/08;Chicago Tribune, 4/17/11]
  • Ryan Was Once An Oscar Mayer Salesman, Drove The Wienermobile
  • Ryan Said He Regularly Worked Out To P90X (This is not important, but it reminded me that Michelle Obama has been blasted by the hypocritical GOP for her enthusiasm for physical fitness and good health while Ryan is lauded.)
  • The Rise Of The Tea Party And The Global Economic Crisis Has Made Ryan’s Budget Plan A “GOP Litmus Test,” Picking Him As A Running Mate Would Be A Full “Embrace” Of His Budget Idea
  • Many Republicans Were Hesitant To Embrace Ryan ’ s “ Roadmap ” As “Political People” Told His Colleagues It Was Controversial, 13 Out Of The 178 Congressional Republicans Were Co-Sponsors. According to the Washington Post, “Political people always tell their candidates to stay away from controversy, ’ said Ryan, 40. ‘They say, ‘Don’t propose anything new or bold because the other side will use it against you.’ ‘While he does not name the ‘political people,’ they no doubt include many Republican colleagues, who, even as they praise Ryan for his doggedness, privately consider the Roadmap a path to electoral disaster. Unlike most politicians of either party, he doesn’t speak generically about reducing spending, but he does acknowledge the very real cuts in popular programs that will be required to bring down the debt. His ideas are provocative, to say the least. They include putting Medicare and Medicaid recipients in private insurance plans that could cost the government less but potentially offer fewer benefits; gradually raising the retirement age to 70; and reducing future Social Security benefits for wealthy retirees. Of the 178 Republicans in the House, 13 have signed on with Ryan as co-sponsors. ” Washington Post, 8/2/10
  • Wall Street Journal: Ryan Plan Would “Essentially End Medicare.”
  • Paul Ryan’s Plan Would “End Medicare As We Know It” By Replacing It With Private Plans
  • The Ryan Plan Would Double Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Seniors While Cutting Spending On Medicaid.
  • Ryan Plan Would Set Off A Spiral Of Increased Premiums For Traditional Medicare As Healthy Individuals Abandoned It For Private Plans
  • Ryan Budget Contained Massive New Tax Cuts For Wealthiest Americans Above And Beyond The Bush Tax Cuts
  • Ryan Ordered A $300 Bottle Of Wine While He Was Dining With "Economists.”