Jewish group to Mitt Romney: 17,000 of us want you to apologize to the Palestinians for your "racist and ignorant" comments


Remember during Willard. M. Romney's recent trip, the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad British gaffe-athon, he made some rather unfortunate remarks about "cultural differences" that infuriated the Palestinians, insulted Jews, and... well, let's just say he stepped in some deep political poop.

Mitt sure is good at diplomacy, isn't he? And don't even start me on "Romney Persona Non Grata in Italy for Bain’s Deal Skirting Taxes."

Now The Hill is reporting that a Jewish group is demanding an apology for the comments he made in Israel which they called " inaccurate and misleading, racist and ignorant":

A liberal Jewish organization is set to deliver 17,000 signatures to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's headquarters Monday afternoon urging him to apologize for remarks many have deemed insulting to the Palestinians.

Jewish Voice for Peace has called Romney's comments at a Jerusalem fundraiser last Monday “racist and ignorant.” Romney says he did not mean to denigrate Palestinians when he credited “the power of at least culture” and the “hand of providence” for Israel's superior economy.

The petition reads, in part:

"Israel's Occupation of Palestinian land makes it impossible for the Palestinian economy to succeed, not 'cultural differences'... Your comments were not a reflection of the values Jews, Americans, and our allies hold dear. We call on you to apologize to the Palestinian people for your willful lack of understanding of the facts on the ground and the racist assumptions behind them.”

There's your foreign policy expert, the perfect world leader.

Yes, this is exactly who we want representing our country, isn't it? And by "we" I mean mentally deficient, Obamaphobic Republicans.