Video- Fox's Carlson Pushes Myth Public Sector Is "The Highest Growing Part Of The Entire Workforce"


What would the start to the week be without some of Ms. Gretchen's knowledge to share? Via.

  • How the Hell did she graduate from Stanford? Maybe they should form a committee and review her credentials or did they offer an underwater basket weaving course during her stay?

  • kimbutgar

     They lie because they are brought and paid for media whores who have no conscience. Gretchen is a graduate of Stanford University so she knows better. She is a propagandist who is given a script to read and pass on her GOP taking points. She can sleep at night because she is a sociopath. Someday Gretchen will pay for her evil work.

  • cognachas4paws

    I don't think any of these Fox people know what facts are.  All they spew are lies, lies, and more lies.  How do they sleep at night, knowing how they're lying to people day after day?  I couldn't do that for any amount of money.