Video- Fox Guest Distorts Obama's "Build" Comment Beyond Recognition: "What's He Gonna" Tell Athletes? "You Didn't Earn That Gold Medal?"



  • mellowjohn

    dee dee is so dumb that if she won a gold medal, she'd rush right out and have it bronzed.
    (if a joke is old enough, it's sure to be new to someone 😉

  • Fox Guest Distorts Obama’s “Build” Comment Beyond Recognition: “What’s He
    Gonna” Tell Athletes? “You Didn’t Earn That Gold Medal?”

    Earth to Dee Dee:  no need -- Mittens already took of that back in 2002:

  • Sally

    Moron. Every single athlete had help. In  fact, there is a great commercial airing again that thanks their moms. For driving to practice, for preparing meals and doing their laundry. For arranging schooling and making sure they got to sleep at night. And frankly, we all help, because the USOC gets federal money for their training centers. And listen to how many athletes, from Phelps down, thank their coaches and parents and friends for their help. I thought these people were supposed to be Christians? Not so much...they all want their own little island so they can totally support themselves. Go ahead...move somewhere far far away. We won't miss you at all.

  • David G

    How interesting and that in defense of his full statement, Obama used Romney telling Olympians they didn't get there alone -- others helped in many different ways.  I guess Dee Dee doesn't watch news on the channel she's being seen on.  Even they showed Romney with his profound and honest assessment.  It's a shame that Dee Dee is deaf to what the politicians are saying.  As for spreading the awards around, certainly if she was ever given one, I'm sure she couldn't wait to rush over and show her family -- all who supported her so she could receive that acknowledgement.  DG