Hawaii's GOP Gov. Linda Lingle's "Firearm Coalition" meeting. "I will be serving pupus..."


The above screen grab is from "Hawaii's Firearm, Shooting, and Hunting Community" (remember now, Hawaii is that exotic foreign country where President Obama wasn't born, so all kinds of questionable events take place over there):

Gov. Linda Lingle's "Firearm Coalition" meeting on: July 25, 2012, 04:34:15 PM Aloha all,

Gov. Lingle's campaign has organized a coalition of Hawaii's firearms owners, shooters, and hunters. They want "us" to know Gov. Lingle is firearms friendly and what she can do when she gets elected. To that end, there is a meeting scheduled for Thursday evening. I have been told I can extend an invitation to the public, and in particular, the leaders of the various firearms groups in Hawaii. The specifics are below. Please come out and join in...I'll be there.

Our coalition meeting will be at the Linda Lingle Senate Headquarters:
Thursday, July 26th - 6:00 PM
[...] - lots of free parking.
I will be serving pupus and soft drinks for the meeting.

Well okay then, so long as there will be pupus... which were probably supplied by the NRA.

Via Qole Pejorian with permission

One commenter wrote this:

is there a specific place in the building to go?
mahalo for arranging this, but one small suggestion- not sure that "firearm coalition" is such a good name
to many, it may sound menacing
the anti crowd has enough ammunition, so to speak, to try and make gun owners look bad