Poll-itics: Pres. Obama's Character Edge Offsets Romney's Economic Advantage


Via Gallup:

Given the closeness of the race at this point, it appears having an advantage on the dominant issue of the day is not sufficient to convince voters to elect a candidate. Romney's Achilles' heel may be a significant likability deficit to Obama, both in how Americans view each candidate individually and in their perceptions of who is more likable.

Americans overwhelmingly continue to believe Obama is the more likable of the two candidates, by 60% to 30%, a gap basically unchanged from earlier this year. [...]

...Americans do not view Romney personally in as favorable a light as they view Obama. While that may not seem as important a consideration for voters as their perceptions of the candidates' competence or their agreement with the candidates' issue positions, the better-liked candidate on the eve of the election has won each of the last five elections.

That's good, but I'm still amazed that, after all the reporting on Willard Romney's secrecy and greed, his outsourcing and firing, Americans still consider him "better" on the economy. Especially considering the millions of jobs that have been created on President Obama's watch:

  • The right tanked the economy to get rid of Obama. After two years they started to feel a pinch so they let up.
    Romney's track record on finance is not great when you consider how he made his money . Every success buikt on the lost jobs here in the states. Corperations made money, share holders made money and that all came from... the people at work.

    or not as it happens.